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Frequently Asked Questions – EnergySmart Bangor Program

Who qualifies?

Bangor residents of owner-occupied homes with fewer than 4 units that qualify for Efficiency Maine rebates after July 1, 2016.


How to apply?

Obtain a quote from an Efficiency Maine registered vendor and call 992-4284 or email no more than 90 days prior to the planned work to obtain a rebate reservation number.  Visit our website at to download the necessary rebate forms or visit City Hall during business hours to pick up a form and submit to Efficiency Maine. 


What energy upgrades qualify for an EnergySmart Bangor rebate?

Air sealing, supplemental heating systems, insulation, whole house heating systems, and more. 


Why do people need rebate reservation numbers?

EnergySmart Bangor rebates are available while funds last and will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The reservation numbers allow the City to track the amount of money remaining in the program budget.


Are there any income requirements?



How do I find an Efficiency Maine registered vendor?

A number of vendors will be attending the Bangor Energy Expo on Tuesday, August 16 from 3 – 7 PM at the Cross Insurance Center.  The expo is free and open to the public.  Vendors have indicated the possibility of special incentives for expo attendees.  If you can’t make the expo, visit the Efficiency Maine website at: to find a vendor.


How much savings do the rebates offer?

The amount of savings varies by project, but most rebates amount to 10% of the project cost up to $500.  

For example, a Bangor resident paying $3200 for a qualified heat pump project would receive $320 from the EnergySmart Bangor program and $500 from Efficiency Maine, netting $820 in total savings.  

Another example might be an air sealing and assessment project with a cost of $600 that is eligible for a $400 rebate from Efficiency Maine would qualify for an additional $100 rebate from the EnergySmart Bangor program.  In this example the total out of pocket expense is $100.


What has the response been thus far?

Even before any media outreach, the City has been distributing rebate reservation numbers with an average of a half dozen calls per day.  We expect the call volume to increase significantly as the word gets out about the program.


How long will this program run?

Until all funds have been exhausted. 


What is the funding source for this program?

A combination of the mild 2015-2016 winter and lower than anticipated fuel prices resulted in energy savings for the City and is the funding source for the EnergySmart Bangor program.


Anything else?

Rebate reservation numbers expire after 90 days to ensure that funds are used in a timely manner.  We ask the public to not request a rebate reservation number too far in advance of installation dates.