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City of Bangor Board Vacancies

The City Clerk's office is accepting applications to serve on a City Board / Committee.  Applications can be submitted online or can be filled out in person at the City Clerk's office located on the first floor of City Hall during normal business hours.  Applications will be kept on file for future consideration should applications be submitted after the filing deadline.

Members needed for:

Board of Ethics (2)

Downtown Parking Advisory Group (1 District Resident, 1 Citywide Property Owner) (2)

Firearms Discharge Committee (1 Hunter, 3 Zone) (4)

Housing Authority Commission – Tenant Member (1)

Planning Board – Associate Member (1)

Penjajawoc Marsh Mall Management Commission (1 Environmental, 1 Business Owner) (2)

Tree Board – Lanscape (1)


Additional Volunteer Opportunities in Bangor

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Citizen Board Application Form