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Volunteer Boards

The City of Bangor has 17 Boards, Commissions, and Advisory Committees. The membership of Subordinate Committees is composed of citizen volunteers. All residents of Bangor are welcome to apply.

A rotating schedule of terms creates openings for most committees on a yearly basis. Open positions are advertised in December each year. Appointments are made in September/October. Most appointments are for 3-year terms. For more information or an application contact the City Clerk's Office, 73 Harlow Street, by calling 992-4219.

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Volunteer Boards Listing

  • Board of Appeals
  • Board of Assessment Review
  • Board of Ethics
  • Commission on Cultural Development
  • Firearms Discharge Committee
  • Hersey Fund Trustees
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Housing Authority Commission
  • Parks, Recreation & Harbor Advisory Committee
  • Penjajawoc Marsh / Mall Management Commission
  • Planning Board
  • Downtown Parking Advisory Committee
  • Sophia Kirstein Student Scholarship Trustees   
  • Tree Board
  • Urban Renewal Authority
  • Water District Trustees