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Click here to view the sample Municipal Ballot.Click here to view the sample Municipal Ballot.Click here to view the sample Municipal Ballot.

Voter Registration & Elections

School Budget Validation Election will be held June 11, 2019, at the Cross Insurance Center.



Recent Elections

Click here to view results of the March 12, 2019 special election.



City Council & School Committee - Candidate Information

Nomination petitions for City Council and School Committee will be available beginning August 7, 2019.

For more detailed information, please see our Candidate Information page.

Ranked Choice Voting Information

Where do I vote?

All Bangor voters vote at the Cross Insurance Center, 515 Main Street, Bangor.


How can I get to the polls?

Did you know... you can ride on the Community Connector bus for free to the Cross Insurance Center to vote on Election Day? The Hampden bus can get you there and back. The Hampden bus departs Pickering Square at :15 past the hour and will arrive at the Cross Insurance Center at :23 past the hour. To return to downtown Bangor, riders can ride the bus from Hollywood Casino (across the street from the Cross Insurance Center). The bus is in the Hollywood Casino vicinity around :55 past the hour heading towards downtown Bangor. Just make sure to inform the bus driver that you will be going to vote and returning from voting and your ride will be free.


When can I vote?

Besides Election Day, Bangor voters can vote early, in-person,  prior to an election at Bangor City Hall.

Election Day voting is held at the Cross Insurance Center, 515 Main Street.


Where can I register to vote?

Voter Registration is available for new voters or for existing Bangor voters to change their address or name as follows:

  • At the Cross Insurance Center on Election Day
  • At the City Clerk's office in City Hall during regular business hours


I need an absentee ballot, how do I request one?

To request an absentee ballot:
  • call the City Clerk's office at 992-4222
  • write the City Clerk, 73 Harlow St., Bangor
  • visit the City Clerk's office during regular business hours
  • electronically, click here

To expedite your application, consider using the online absentee ballot application administered by the Secretary of State.


Can I review the ballots ahead of time?

Yes! Click here to view the sample Municipal Ballot.

Additionally, the State of Maine provides a tool to look up voter information, including samples ballots:



Where can I review the election results?

Click here to view the Election Results

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