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Housing Authority Liaison

In 1987, the Bangor Police Department, under former Chief of Police Richard Stockford and in conjunction with the Bangor Housing Authority, developed a program where a police officer would work within Housing Authority properties in an effort to reduce the crime rate within these low-income housing projects. The duties of the officer were to work with the Housing Authority and the residents in this area.

Officer Gregg Sproul was assigned the to the position, and Officer Sproul began to work on developing a rapport with the residents. Officer Sproul enforced the laws, conducted follow-up on police complaints, and engaged in routine patrols in the Capehart area. Shortly after Officer Sproul took the position, he began working on the formation of a Police Athletic League (PAL) . During his tenure with the Housing Authority, the first bike patrol was started, along with a variety of other neighborhood programs such as neighborhood watch.

As a result of Officer Sproul’ s efforts in working together with residents and the Housing Authority, the area experienced a 65% decrease in police related incidents within the first two years.

Today, under the direction of Chief Mark Hathaway, the program remains active and this area still enjoys a relatively low crime rate. Officer Keith Larby is currently assigned to this liaison position, and he has been so since December of 2017. The success for the low crime rate in these neighborhoods is due to the continued relationships with Mike Myatt, Executive Director of Bangor Housing Authority, Bangor Schools, and the residents sharing the common goal of ensuring the best quality of life for everyone who lives and works in these neighborhoods. This is the only neighborhood in the City that has a police officer dedicated to it thanks to the funding of the Bangor Housing Authority.

In addition to working in the Capehart area, Officer Larby also assists with problems and issues in the Housing Authority properties that are throughout the city.

Officer Larby can be contacted either through the Bangor Police Dept. at 947-7384 ext 5744 or at his Capehart office at 941-9551.  He can also be reached via email at:

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