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Zero-Sort Recycling Program

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning September 2, 2019, the City of Bangor will consolidate its curbside trash and recycling to a weekly "one bin all in" approach. Residents should put all waste and recyclables in the same bags, and place those bags into the same bin. Bins will be collected weekly on your regular curbside trash pickup day. The separate bi-weekly zero-sort recycling pickup will be eliminated as of September 2. Until September 2, residents can continue with separate trash and recycling bins on their respective pickup weeks.

Zero-Sort curbside recycling collection is provided to all residents of single family homes and apartment buildings with 4 or fewer units on a bi-weekly schedule on the same day as the rubbish collection day.



Acceptable containers include:

  • Blue bin (these are the old ones Public Works used to distribute - they are no longer available, but you can use the one you already have);
  • Clear plastic bags, and;
  • Own container (trash bin / plastic tote / etc) with a sticker. Stickers can be picked up at the Public Works facility, 530 Maine Ave., during normal business hours. Stickers must be placed on the container so that the sticker faces the road. This will help crews distinguish between regular rubbish and recycling.

Drop-off location

The drop-off location for residential recyclables is located on Maine Ave., near the Public Works facility. The drop-off location is open from 6:00am to 7:00pm, 7 days a week. Recycling will not be accepted outside of those hours. This facility will permanently close as of September 2, 2019, when the city's new "one bin all in" commingled trash and recycling collection begins.

Acceptable Materials for Zero-Sort Recycling



Please rinse clean, no aluminum with stuck-on food or grease.

Metal Cans


Food & beverage cans only that have been rinsed clean with no stuck-on food.



Please rinse clean, no filmy or pliable plastic (ex: grocery bags, bubble wrap, etc). No foam polystyrene (styrofoam) products such as cups, take-out containers, etc. No motor oil containers or electronics housing. No housewares, office products, etc. No biodegradable plastics (PLA)



Examples of acceptable boxboard include: cereal, grain, shoe, and clothing boxes, 6 and 12 pack soda & beer carriers, milk cartons, paper egg cartons, dry-food boxes (pasta, rice, etc), tissue boxes, paper towel and toilet paper cores, etc.  Please rinse out milk cartons.

Corrugated Cardboard


No oil, paint, or chemical stained, wet, unclean, or wax-coated cardboard. No strapping or string. No plastic, filmy, or foam packing materials.

Envelopes & Opened Mail


White, manila, colored, gummed and window envelopes are OK.

Magazines & Soft-Cover Books


Glue or stable bound publications, paperback books, phone books and catalogs are OK.



All sections and inserts are accepted.

Shredded Paper


Please place in clear plastic bags and tie bag shut.


White & Colored Paper


No need to remove plastic tabs, paper clips & metal hanging-file strips. Staples are OK. No pressure sensitive paper / forms, no foil paper, no paper towels or facial tissues. No stickers or sticker backing material.


Bottles & Jars


Please rinse clean, neck rings are okay.


Aerosol Cans


Empty aerosol cans only. Please separate cap from container, do not puncture cans.




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