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Greater Bangor Solarize is a solar photovoltaic (PV) group purchasing program that works to lower installation costs and provide a cost-effective way for communities to increase the number of residential and small business solar installations.

At its core, Solarize is a community-focused marketing campaign that includes:
1 Tiered discount pricing. Pre-negotiated group buying discounts increase as more people sign up, i.e., the more people go solar, the lower the price for everyone who participates.
2 A pre-selected installer(s). The project selects an installer (or group of installers) to service the participants through the duration of the Solarize campaign. This reduces the installers’ marketing costs and spares the consumer from having to shop around for a reputable, price-competitive installer.
3 Informational materials and events. The project provides opportunities to learn about how solar PV and the Solarize project work.

There is an incentive to purchase in 2017 due to upcoming changes to net metering and a significant cost decrease that occurred last year due to an unexpected drop in solar module prices. As a result, pricing in 2017 is lower than 2016 and buyers will be grandfathered for 15 years under Maine's current net metering rules, which give them a credit for all excess electricity produced.

Our Greater Bangor Solarize selection committee, using a rigorous RFP process, has selected a solar installer for our campaign. InSource Renewables of Pittsfield ( has great experience with other Solarize campaigns in Maine, and offers solid workmanship, discount pricing, and unique extras - we're especially excited about their solar sheds!

Follow this link to contact them directly: - just click on "Get a Quote" and they will be in touch regarding a site evaluation.

For updates and Greater Bangor Solarize events, please visit our FaceBook page:

Home or business owners within a 10 mile radius of Bangor are eligible to participate in Greater Bangor Solarize. At any time, between when you receive a quote and the end of September, 2017, you may sign a contract with our selected installer and get the Solarize discount. After September 30, the discount will no longer be available. Of course, you may also seek out other solar businesses* to get quotes if you wish, but only contracts with the Greater Bangor Solarize installer will qualify you for the project’s bulk purchase discount.

*Other local solar installers:
ReVision Energy -
SunDog Solar -
Solar Logix -

Greater Bangor Solarize Partners:
City of Bangor & Eastern Maine Development Corporation
Greater Bangor Solarize Advisory Committee:
Daniel Dixon, Sustainability Director, University of Maine
Sharon Klein, Economics Department, University of Maine
Karen Marysdaughter, Solar owner & GBS Coordinator
Rick Reardon, Electrical & Automation Department Chair, Eastern Maine Community College
Tom Stone, Husson University Sciences & Humanities Department & Sustainability Committee Chair
Jeff Whalen, Eastern Maine Development Corporation

Greater Bangor Solarize, 96 Harlow St, Suite 100, Bangor, ME 04401 207-930-5440