Voter Registration & Elections

Find out about how to register to vote, enroll in a political party, where to vote, and information about running for a seat on the City Council or School Committee.

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Political Party Enrollment

Voting Location Information

State of Maine Voter Information (may include sample ballots)

Absentee / Early Voting

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Where do I vote?

All Bangor voters vote at the Cross Insurance Center.

When can I vote?

Besides Election Day, Bangor voters can vote early, in-person,  prior to an election.  The dates and times will be posted prior to the election so that voters can plan accordingly.

Where can I register to vote?

Voter Registration is available for new voters or for existing Bangor voters to change their address or name as follows:

  • At the Cross Insurance Center on Election Day
  • At the Cross Insurance Center during early voting
  • At City Hall during regular business hours

I need an absentee ballot, how do I request one?

To request an absentee ballot:
  • call the City Clerk's office at 992-4222
  • write the City Clerk, 73 Harlow St., Bangor
  • visit the City Clerk's office during regular business hours
  • electronically, click here

To expedite your application, consider using the online absentee ballot application administered by the Secretary of State.

Can I review the ballots ahead of time?

Click here to view the sample ballot for the November 5, 2013 Election

The State of Maine provides a tool to look up voter information, including samples ballots:

Where can I review the election results?

Election results will be available as soon as they are available on our website: