Accounts & Bills

Establishing an account

To establish new sewer service for your property, contact the Engineering Department at 992-4248 to obtain a street opening permit. There is a fee for the permit that includes inspection of the sewer connection and any disturbance to the street as a result of the new sewer connection.

Changing an account

To change the name of the person responsible for paying for an existing sewer service, contact the Bangor Water District at 947-4516 and request the change. A signature is required to make the change. The Water District office is located at 614 State Street.

Sewer bills

Sewer bills are sent on a quarterly basis. The sewer bills are based on your quarterly water use measured by a water meter usually located in your basement or utility closet. Most locations are equipped with a remote meter that allows it to be read from outside the building. Water meters are the property of and are read by the Bangor Water District. Sewer bill inquiries can be addressed by calling 207-992-4470.

Sewer bills are considered past due 31 days from the billing or postmark date, whichever is later. Bills can be paid by cash, check, money order or MasterCard credit card. Please include your bill stubs with payment and note the account number on your check.

Pay your sewer bill by mail:

Bangor Wastewater Treatment
760 Main Street
Bangor, ME 04401

Pay sewer bill in person:

Bangor Wastewater Plant -- 760 Main Street

Any Bangor Savings Bank Branch - Must bring entire bill

Payments may also be deposited in a drop box located in the lobby of Bangor City Hall outside of the Treasury Office, located on the first floor

By MasterCard Credit card

Contact Official Payments Corporation by telephone at 1-800-272-9829 or their website at You will need the jurisdiction number (2908). Sewer payments are Option 2. Your MasterCard account will be debited the entered amount and you will be given a confirmation number for the transaction. There is a fee for this service that is based on the amount of the transaction.

Failure to pay your sewer bill may result in a lien against your property. Landlords who expect their tenants to establish their own sewer accounts and pay their sewer bills should take care to insure that these bills are paid in a timely manner to avoid liens, interest, and lien discharge costs.

Charges for service

For most residents, the minimum quarterly charge for sewer service is $68.40. Under this minimum, you are allowed up to 1200 cubic feet of wastewater. For each 100 cubic feet over the minimum, the charge is $5.70. The average Bangor household uses approximately 2,000 cubic feet of water per quarter, which results in a quarterly sewer bill of $114.00.

Outside Water Use

Since water used outside of the home does not reach the sewer system, the City has established an outside metering program to allow residents and businesses to measure outside water use and have it deducted from their sewer charges.

Abatements for Lost Water

From time to time and through no fault of the property owner, water leaks or other problems may result in the loss of a significant amount of water. While such leaks generally result in this water reaching the treatment plant, the costs to treat this "clean" water are significantly less than that of normal wastewater. The City has established a lost water abatement program to assist property owners who have experienced a significant leak. You can apply for an abatement by sending a letter explaining what happened, how the problem was remedied, dates of problems and invoices for the repairs. Mail your request for abatement to Brad Moore, Superintendent, 760 Main Street, please include a contact number. You can also find out more by calling us at 992-4470.