Hose 5 Fire Museum


The Hose 5 Fire Museum was built in 1897 and used for close to 100 years before the replacement fire station was built on the Hogan Road. Today, the former fire station is used as a fire museum. Admission is free.

1930 McCann Pumper

While the 1930 McCann was not Bangor's first motorized fire engine it does have the distinction of never having left the City of Bangor.


1946 Jeep Willys

Following World War II, many fire departments found the rugged Jeep used by the doughboys overseas to be the perfect vehicle for fighting forest fires. The Portage Lake Fire Department outfitted this 1946 Jeep Willys with equipment to fight forest fires as well as equipment to use on structure fires. The City of Bangor had a similar Jeep with an attached trailer containing water, a booster line and reel.

1917 Garford Pumper

This 1917 Garford Pumper is Old Town Fire Department's first motorized fire engine. It is also one of only two other Garford Fire Engines still in existence today (one is in Australia).

Other items of interest in the Museum include:

  • Gamewell Fire Alarm Boxes
  • 1939 Seagrave Pumper
  • Hand Tools
  • Hand-Drawn Hose Carts
  • Antique SCBAs
  • An Original Bangor Ladder
  • Brass Poles
  • Life Net
  • Vintage Bunker Gear
  • Wooden Water Mains
  • Photos
  • Station log books