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Monday - Friday
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Board of Appeals


The Board of Appeals is authorized to hear appeals from any order, requirement, decision, determination, or interpretation of the Code Enforcement Officer or other officer or entity specified by an ordinance of the City of Bangor, and the Board of Appeals is authorized to grant variance requests from any ordinance of the City of Bangor which specifically permits variances.


The Board of Appeals shall be appointed by the City Council and shall consist of five members and two associate members, all of whom shall be legal residents of the City of Bangor.

Name Term Expires
Ballestas, Loren, 2023
Caron, Erica 2024
Donahue, Matthew 2022
Gould, Edward 2024
Monkman, Anneliese 2022
Perkins, Robin 2023
LaBouff, Jordan 2024

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