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Penjajawoc Mall / Marsh Commission

Nature of Work:

Develop recommendations for management plan to preserve environmental values while permitting public access and use, monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the task force, provide review and comment to developers, develop recommendations for use of funds for area projects and improvements and coordinate with interested parties.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Review development proposals, meet with developers to discuss and make recommendations regarding the design and protection of the marsh, and make comments and recommendations to the Planning Board.

Name  Term Expires
Bordewieck, Kathleen 2024
DeBeck, Cindy 2023
Duchesne, Sandi McRae 2022
Fabrikant, Jessica 2024
Hempen, Lynn 2024
Hosmer, Bobbi 2023
Keim, Brandon 2023
Lamon, David 2024
Parker, James W 2022
Quimby, Lucy 2022
Vacancy 2024
Woods, Paul 2022

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