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Capehart Brook


Click here for the most recent update of our Capehart Brook Restoration project.

Capehart Brook is an impaired stream which begins at Finson Rd. and empties into Kenduskeag Stream less than a half mile away.   The land area that drains to Capehart Brook (watershed) is approximately 1.07 square miles and is comprised primarily of residential housing, forests, and some commercial properties.  Capehart Brook is listed as “impaired” by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection due to the approximately 14% of impervious land cover within the watershed. 

The impervious surfaces (such as roofs, driveways, roads, parking lots, and sidewalks) allow pollution such as soils, oil and grease, excess nutrients from fertilizers and pet waste, and litter to enter the stream.  The stormwater acts as a broom, pushing pollutants across the pavement and into the stormwater systems which lead to the stream.

The City of Bangor developed a Watershed Management Plan in June 2015 to address this impairment.  The plan, when fully implemented will address much of the pollution from stormwater by “disconnecting” impervious surfaces from the stormwater system.  This disconnection is achieved by sending the stormwater through simple treatment structures which filter out pollutants, slow the water down, and cool the water. This treatment of stormwater helps maintain healthy streams and rivers. 

The City of Bangor has plans to restore the function of the stormwater pond at Sunny Hollow.  It is also planning on installing 20 rain gardens in the Old Capehart neighborhood to treat stormwater from the roads and driveways there. Other plans for restoration may include tree planting in Old Capehart, and installing other stormwater treatment structures in the watershed.

For more details on Capehart Brook restoration, please see the Capehart Brook Watershed Management Plan.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Richard May in the City’s Engineering Department at 992-4243 or


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