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Bangor has passed a number of ordinances related to stormwater. For the text of any of these ordinances, see the City's Code of Ordinances.

Stormwater Maintenance

Chapter 268 requires structures that manage stormwater to be properly maintained. It also requires developers and large property owners to submit a maintenance plan to the City and to file a maintenance report each year.

Erosion Control

Chapter 165, Section 33.1 requires anyone who is adding, moving, or exposing soil to prevent the soil from leaving the site or going into streams, the storm drain system, or other protected areas.

Non-Stormwater Discharges

Chapter 197 prohibits, with certain exceptions, addition of anything that is not stormwater to the storm drainage system.

Pet Waste Disposal

Chapter 231, Section 4 requires pet owners to collect and dispose of pet waste while in public parks. The City has also installed pet waste stations that dispense plastic baggies and a place to dispose of used baggies in parks.

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