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Assistant City Solicitor

Incumbent serves as Assistant City Solicitor for the City, assisting in providing legal advice and expertise to all municipal legislative and administrative officials as prescribed by statute.



Prepares briefs for court cases and represents the City and its agencies during various legal proceedings.                                                                                                   -

Provides legal advice to legislative and administrative officials regarding various legal circumstances and situations.

Assists in preparing and drafting ordinances, resolutions, leases, contracts, letters, and other legal documents; files petitions and claims and recommends action to policy-making Boards and Commissions.

Renders opinions concerning the legality of contracts and other municipal matters.

Answers legally related citizen inquiries and complaints both orally and in writing.

Conducts legal research and makes recommendations for legal cases pending with the City.

Attends meetings of various City boards and of the City Council in absence of City Solicitor, and renders legal advice upon request.

Performs related duties as assigned.



Successful completion of requirements for a BA or BS degree from an accredited undergraduate college or university.

Successful completion of a JD degree from an accredited school of law.

Admission to practice before the courts of the State of Maine and the United States District Courts.

Considerable knowledge of the principles, methods, and practices of legal research.

Ability to analyze, appraise, and organize facts, evidence and precedents concerned in cases and skill in court presentation and other hearings.



Considerable knowledge of the principles and procedures of civil law as related to municipal government.

Knowledge of and ability to apply local ordinances, state and federal laws, and constitutional provisions to various specific circumstances that pertain to the City.

Working knowledge of municipal government structure and operations and the relationship to other public jurisdictions.

Ability to provide leadership for City officials, and effectively communicate with city, state, and federal representatives and general public during varied circumstances and situations.



Incumbent applies broad range of laws, rules and regulations to devise unique approaches for dealing with unusual and/or unresolved problems. Errors in judgment of work are not immediately apparent through supervisory review and may result in substantial loss of time in other units, substantial loss of monies and inconvenience to the public.




Incumbent provides legal advice and expertise and assists with developing policy recommendations that may result in extensive consequences or contributions to the City of Bangor. Incumbent performs duties within general supervisory objectives and boundaries.



Incumbent maintains frequent contact with legislative and administrative officials of the City and members of general public during varied circumstances providing legal advice and expertise.

Reports directly to City Solicitor.


Pay range is $33.85 - 45.51 per hour (based on a 37.5-hour work week) and includes a comprehensive benefits package.  Applications must be received at the Human Resources Office, Bangor City Hall, 73 Harlow Street, Bangor, Maine 04401.  A new online/mobile-friendly application is now available at:  City of Bangor - Application for Employment (Page 1 of 7) ( .  Thank you for your interest!