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9/17/2018 - Sign up for Maine Board of Pesticides Control's Obsolete Pesticide Collection by October 5

BANGOR, MAINE – The Maine Board of Pesticides Control conducts an annual program each October to collect and properly dispose of banned and unusable pesticides from homeowners and farms. There will be a free collection day in Bangor this October, but preregistration is required to participate. No drop-ins will be accepted. Bangor homeowners, non-corporate farmers, and greenhouse operators should follow this link to register by October 5, 2018:


The Board of Pesticides Control (BPC) and the Department of Environmental Protection provide citizens with a responsible, free solution to their obsolete pesticide problem. Once a year, these agencies collect obsolete pesticides at collection sites throughout Maine; the materials are then shipped to out-of-state disposal facilities.  Mainers interested in disposing of these wastes (e.g. DDT, dioxins, arsenic, mercury, lead) are often discouraged to learn that proper disposal of waste pesticides is prohibitively expensive. This annual free program offers a free and safe way to dispose of old, unusable, or “obsolete” pesticides that are now banned because of their hazards to human health, wildlife, or the environment.


For more information, please contact the State of Maine’s Board of Pesticides Control at (207) 287-2731 or email