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7/16/2019 - Stone Sewer Replacement & Davis Brook Regulator Structure: Weekly Status Report (7/16)

Stone Sewer Replacement & Davis Brook Regulator Structure: Weekly Status Report (7/16)

July 16, 2019

S.E. MacMillan has completed the concrete construction phase of the Davis Brook Regulator Structure. They have shut down the remaining pipe laying operations until the end of the Waterfront Concerts summer season. The site has been graded and construction fencing has been circled around the Regulator excavation. MacMillan will return to the site on September 3, 2019 to begin making pipe connections to the Regulator for the 6'x7' precast box sewer inlet, the 72" diameter RCP overflow, and the 30" ductile iron sewer outlet. The remainder of this pipe work will be completed in October. Installation of the 30" and 42" slide gates along with their electrical and telemetric control is planned for November.

June 17, 2019

Last week, crews completed the following: 

  • S.E. MacMillan set three sections of 6'x7' box culvert which will become the main sewer inlet for the Davis Brook Regulator. They will make the final tie-in after the concert season.
  • Black Bear Landscaping finished piecing in the area of sidewalk outside of MacMillan's project fencing. They have completed approximately half of the necessary sidewalk repair.
  • S.E. MacMillan laid 72' of 72"-diameter RCP overflow.
  • Both MacMillan and Black Bear quit early enough on Friday to accommodate the Willie Nelson concert.

June 10, 2019

Last week, crews completed the following:

  • S.E. MacMillan completed the 42" sewer connecting the existing 9'x8' box culvert with the new Davis Brook Regulator.
  • S.E. MacMillan backfilled around the north side of the Regulator from east to west in preparation for setting 6'x7' box culvert sections which will connect to the existing 6'x7' stone sewer. They encountered ledge rock about a foot high on the new box culvert center-line and will have to move their 330 Cat excavator and hammer on site Monday to remove the ledge.
  • Black Bear Landscaping laid brick pavers on Railroad Street. There is much cutting and fitting of brick to match the existing walks.

June 3, 2019

Last week, crews completed the following:

  • S.E. MacMillan set the first five sections of 6'-diameter reinforced concrete pipe. This is the overflow outfall from the new Davis Brook Regulator Structure.
  • Hopkins Paving paved the sewer and storm drain pipe trenches on Railroad Street and paved the base for the brick sidewalk repair.
  • Dirigo Slipform finished re-setting granite curb, and completed the flush crosswalk curb at the entrance to Waterfront Park.
  • S. E. MacMillan connected the 30" PVC to the Regulator stainless steel thimble using a bell by mechanical coupling. This 30" line will be a secondary sewer outlet from the Regulator and will soon connect to an existing 30" sewer line in Railroad Street.

May 28, 2019

Last week, crews completed the following: 

  • S.E. MacMillan set and grouted into place the 42" and the 30" stainless steel pipe thimbles for the Regulator Structure. They prepped for pavement on Railroad Street, built formwork for the 72" pipe connection to the Regulator Structure, set hand-holes for the conduit crossing beneath the train rail, and raised catch basin frames for CB A, CB B, and CB C. 
  • S.W. Cole's Dean Mallet was on site Wednesday to make grout cubes which will be used to test the compressive strength of the grout. 
  • N.S. Giles removed the last of the wall foamwork from the lower section of the Regulator Structure. 
  • Dirigo Slipform re-set 250' of granite curb on Railroad Street.

May 17, 2019

This week, crews completed the following:

  • S.E. MacMillan completed tying reinforcement steel and building hatchway bond-outs for the mid-level Regulator slab.
  • N.S. Giles used 27 cubic yards of Hughes Brothers concrete to place the mid-level Regulator slab.

May 10, 2019

This week, crews completed the following:

  • N.S. Giles placed 71 cubic yards of concrete for the lower walls and weir wall of the Regulator Structure. 
  • N.S. Giles stripped the lower wall forms and erected shoring and deck formwork for the mid-level Regulator slab. 
  • S.E. MacMillan tied reinforcement steel for the mid-level Regulator slab.

April 29, 2019

Last week, crews completed the following:

  • SE MacMillan finished hammering and removing ledge. They laid 65' of 42" PVC sewer and set the base and one riser section for the 8'-diameter sewer manhole 005.
  • MacMillan also finished the final details on steel reinforcement. Peter Nason, Jr. installed the steel ring bond-out for the 6'-diameter overflow penetration through the Regulator Structure.
  • NS Giles Concrete set the outside face forms for the Regulator Structure and readied the form for next week's concrete placement.

April 19, 2019

This week, crews finished the following:

  • Concrete Coring of Maine cored a 24" penetration into an existing catch basin on Railroad Street.
  • SE MacMillan laid 165' of 18"-diameter storm drain and built two new 4'-diameter precast drain structures.
  • Peter Nason Builders built and installed four concrete form bond-outs, one each for the four pipe penetrations in the Davis Brook Regulator Structure.
  • SE MacMillan is nearly finished with tying the reinforced steel for the first floor walls of the Regulator Structure. NS Giles is scheduled to begin closing the forms and then place the concrete for the first floor walls later next week.
  • Tide water came into the Regulator Structure excavation on Thursday. A 15' high tide arrived at 10:31am. Water was about 10" above the footing height. The water could be pumped fairly quickly once the tide had ebbed by noon.

April 12, 2019

This week, crews finished the following:

  • Set inside face forms for Regulator Structure walls.
  • Laid 193' of 42" PVC sewer.
  • Set sewer manholes SMH003 and SMH004.
  • Hammered and excavated 114 cubic yards or ledge rock from the sewer trench.
  • Tied the reinforcement steel for the south elevation Regulator Structure wall.


April 5, 2019

This week, crews finished the following:

  • Placed the footing for the new Davis Brook Regulator Structure.
  • Excavated below the train rail at Front and Railroad Streets, and installed 60' of 60"-diameter, 1"-thick protective steel casing with 42" diameter PVC sewer pipe inside the casing. This work was done on Saturday from 5am to 9pm with Pan Am Railways signalmen looking on. The casing/sewer was laid 12' deep. The excavation beneath the tracks was filled with low-strength concrete "flow-able" fill. Two 4" conduits were also laid in the rail crossing with the casing for future electrical or communication use.
  • New 42" sewer was laid 100' up Railroad Street and the second of five 8'-diameter precast sewer manholes was set and connected to new sewer in the street. Next week, new sewer will be laid and it will turn off the street right-of-way and into the grass area between Railroad Street and the concert venue.

March 29, 2019

This week, crews finished the following:

  • Tied reinforcement steel for regulator structure footing.
  • Cut penetration into box culvert for 42" diameter ductile iron pipe.
  • Set 8' diameter base for Sewer Manhole 1 and made concrete collar for connection to box culvert.
  • Set first two pieces of 42" diameter PVC sewer and 20' of ductile iron casing for railroad crossing.

Crews plan to make railroad crossing on Saturday, March 30. Crews will close Railroad Street for vehicle traffic on Saturday, March 30. Next week, crews will install 42" diameter sewer, and tie reinforcement steel for regulator structure walls.

March 25 - March 29, 2019

This past week, S.E. MacMillan received three significant deliveries: a pre-cast 8' diameter manhole from American Concrete in Veazie; a load of reinforcement steel from HarMac Rebar and Steel, Fryeburg; and two 18' pieces of 42" diameter ductile iron pipe from McWane Ductile, Birmingham, Alabama.

In the coming week, MacMillan plans to set SMH 001 near the intersection of Front and Railroad Streets and connect it to the 8'x9' box culvert with 42" ductile iron pipe. They also expect to complete tying reinforcement steel and then placing the concrete for the Davis Brook Regulator Structure footing slab.

March 18 - March 22, 2019

S.E. MacMillan will complete excavation for construction of the Davis Brook regulator structure early in the week. CES Inc. of Brewer will have a survey crew on site Monday to lay out the corners of the regulator structure. On Monday, the City of Bangor Sewer department will do a pre-construction inspection of the inside of the 9'x8' Davis Brook box culvert. MacMillan has a concrete coring company from New Hampshire scheduled to be on site Wednesday to make a 48" core into the box culvert as access for a new 42" sewer. The Sewer department's pre-construction inspection will verify the internal condition of the culvert. Forming of the regulator's concrete base slab may begin at the end of the week. 

Week of March 11 - March 15, 2019

Work to include continued excavation, installing construction fencing, and building a crushed stone construction driveway entrance on Railroad Street. There will also be a construction entrance built on Dutton Street for access to the old Maine Central Railroad roundhouse site where MacMillan is hauling and will temporarily stockpile excavation. MacMillan is tentatively scheduled to work with Pan Am Railways the weekend of March 30-31 to excavate beneath their railway track and install the five-foot diameter steel casing for new sewer and communication conduit crossing.

March 7, 2019

Work started on the City's Stone Sewer Replacement and new Davis Brook Regulator Structure sewer project on Thursday, March 7. The S.E. MacMillan Company of Bangor, Maine has started excavation for the new Davis Brook regulator structure.

February 11, 2019

On February 11, 2019, the Bangor City Council awarded the contract for the Stone Sewer Replacement and New Davis Brook Regulator Structure Project to the S.E. Macmillan Company of Bangor, Maine. There were four bidders for the project and S.E. MacMillan’s bid of $2.55 million was the low bid. As part of the City’s Consent Decree with the EPA and the DEP, the project is designed to reduce the number of combined sewer overflows on the Davis Brook section of Bangor’s west side sewer system. Major components of the work include:

  • Construction of a new underground Davis Brook Sewer regulator structure.

  • Pipe jacking a 5’ diameter steel casing beneath the railroad tracks on Railroad Street.

  • Laying 420 feet of new 42” PVC sewer pipe to connect the new regulator structure to the existing 8’x9’ box culvert Davis Brook storage tank.

  • Removing the existing Davis Brook Regulator Structure, abandoning approximately three hundred forty feet of 6’x7’ stone sewer overflow and lay 6’ diameter RCP and 6’x7’ precast box culvert to replace the overflow sewer.

The work will be undertaken on Railroad Street and in the grass area between Main Street, Railroad Street, the gated drive entrance to Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion, and the northeast Pavilion pedestrian gate. The Contractor will begin moving equipment and material to the site this month and excavation is anticipated to begin in early March.  The project has a substantial completion date of December 1, 2019. The contract requires the Contractor to coordinate construction work around current and future scheduled Waterfront events.