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3/19/2020 - Community Connector Rear Door Boarding Only Beginning March 20, 2020


Effective March 20, 2020, Community Connector passengers will only be able to board from the rear door of the bus, in order to help encourage social distancing, and keep drivers and passengers safe.

  • Passengers who use mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers, or riders using other devices such as strollers or carts, can board through the front door. You simply need to signal to the driver that you need the bus to kneel or deploy the ramp.
  • Based on passengers loading from the rear entry of the bus, drivers will not be collecting cash fare, tickets, or validating passes. We ask passengers to be on the honor system when using the bus.
  • Passengers are asked to not occupy the seats directly across from the driver.
  • We encourage the public and our passengers to stay home, but we are still here for those who need us. Please keep a 'social distance' when you choose a seat and leave one in between you and another passenger when possible.