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10/27/2020 - 55 Sites in Penobscot County Recognized for Helping Kids Make Healthy Choices

For Immediate Release

October 26, 2020

Contact: Deborah Weiskittel, Penobscot County Let’s Go! Coordinator
               (207) 992-4527


55 Sites in Penobscot County Recognized for Helping Kids Make Healthy Choices

Bangor, Maine: Let’s Go! has honored 1 school, 22 school cafeterias, 6 out-of-school programs, 23 child care programs, and 3 health care practices in Penobscot County for making a positive impact on children’s health. A total of 30 sites are implementing the program’s five evidence-based strategies to increase healthy eating and active living.

Let’s Go! sites in Penobscot County are committed to making it easier for children to eat well and be active. Fifty-seven percent limit or eliminate sugary drinks and promote water as the drink of choice, fifty-four percent prohibit the use of food as a reward, and forty-nine percent limit unhealthy choices during snacks and celebrations, focusing on alternatives.

Introduced in 2012, the Let’s Go! recognition program identifies and celebrates schools, out-of-school programs, and child care programs for their role in improving the health of all children. The program focuses on sustainable change. A Bronze award reflects a site implementing the program’s five evidence-based priority strategies. Silver acknowledges a site for implementing the five strategies and communicating Let’s Go! messages to parents and family members. Gold, the highest level of recognition, is reserved for sites that have implemented the strategies, communicated messages, and written all five strategies into policy.

In addition, Let’s Go! has also recognized 22 Penobscot County school cafeterias as Smarter Lunchrooms for their commitment to improving children’s health. This recognition program honors school cafeterias who implement best practices to reduce waste, increase participation and most importantly, help nudge students to make healthier choices. Bangor School Department, RSU 19, RSU 22, and RSU 34 are among 288 Let’s Go! Smarter Lunchroom sites across Maine and Mt. Washington Valley, New Hampshire recognized in 2020. This is a particularly special achievement in light of all the changes that the pandemic has brought so far this year.

This year, 917 Let’s Go! sites across Maine and the Mt. Washington Valley, New Hampshire were recognized. A listing of all recognized sites can be found at

More information on the local Let’s Go! Program is available here:


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