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Commission on Cultural Development

The City of Bangor Commission on Cultural Development supports art and culture in Bangor,Maine through funding, marketing, advocacy, and education to benefit citizens, visitors, and the economic and cultural vitality of the city.

The Commission has authorization to assess Bangor’s cultural needs, develop and maintain a comprehensive arts and cultural policy, review grant applications and public art requests and work with the community to identify and encourage opportunities for the incubation of promising arts and cultural enterprises.

The Commission on Cultural Development accepts grant applications from non-profit arts and cultural organizations twice per year (May 1st and November 1st). If you are an artist, or have a project that does not have a non-profit designation, please consider reaching out to any one of the many arts organizations in the City to see if they would be willing to serve as a fiscal sponsor for your project.

Name Term Expires
Nichols, Sarah
  Staff Liaison 
Stewart, Kim 2018
Budd, Mary 2018
Lynch, Marianne 2018
Zelz, David 2018
Harp, Stephanie  2018
Adams, Allen 2019
Hunnefeld, Jared 2019 
Young, Elisabeth 2019 
Blackstone, Amy 2020
Riordan, Liam 2020
Smith, Owen  2020

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