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Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission convenes when necessary to:

  • Review all new construction and building alterations within its jurisdiction to determine if locally listed historic sites will be affected;
  • Review all proposed National Register nominations for properties within its jurisdiction;
  • Conduct or cause to be conducted a continuing survey of cultural resources in the community according to the guidelines established by the Maine Historic Preservation Commission;
  • Act in an advisory role to other officials and departments of the City regarding the protection of local cultural resources;
  • Act as a liaison on behalf of the City to individuals and organizations concerned with historic preservation, and;
  • Work toward the continuing education of citizens within the Commission’s jurisdiction regarding preservation issues and concerns.


Click here to download a Historic Preservation application to be submitted to the commission

Name Term Expires
Banfield, Alfred T  2022
Burgoyne, George A 2021
Carter, Matthew G 2022
Krupke, Rebecca 2022
LeRoy, Brandi 2021
Manzo, Eugene 2020
Perkins, Reese 2020

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