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Community Connector Rider's Guide

Passengers will board through the front of the bus, and exit using the rear door.

10 Basic Guidelines For Passengers

  • Strollers on buses: child must be removed from stroller with his/her parent/guardian, and stroller must be folded
  • Do not cross in front of the bus
  • Shirt and shoes required at all times
  • Stay seated until bus comes to a complete stop
  • Fare must be ready when boarding
  • Batteries are not allowed
  • Pets on bus must be carried in a pet taxi
  • Wheelchairs must be secured and passenger must have a lap belt on
  • No food or drinks
  • No profanity or intoxication allowed

How to Board the Bus at Designated Bus Stops

Signal the driver by a wave of your hand as the bus is approaching. The driver will only stop at intersections. Stop locations in Downtown Bangor are designated by Community Connector bus stop signs.

Boarding the Bus

Please following the guidelines when boarding, and please have your pass, ticket, or transfer ready to give to the driver. When paying in cash, please have EXACT change ready to deposit in the canister. Remember, the driver does not carry change! For your safety, limit your boarding items to what you can carry on at one time.

Exiting the Bus

One block before your stop, pull the cord over the window. The driver will then stop the bus as close to the next block as can be safely done.

Wheelchair Lifts / ADA

All Community Connector buses are wheelchair accessible. For information about additional ADA transit services, call the Community Connector at 992-4670.

Bike 'N Bus

All Community Connector buses are equipped with bike racks that are available on a first-come first-serve basis. For instructions on how to use the bike racks, ask your friendly bus driver for a demonstration.

Service Cancellation Notices

How do you find out if bus service is cancelled?  In the event that cancellation of bus service is necessary, we will post a notification to the following:

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Main Office Hours:

475 Maine Avenue
Monday - Friday
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(Please Note: Offices are not open on holidays when buses are running)

Transit Center Hours:

25 Water Street
Monday -Saturday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Operating on Working Holidays

Working Holidays:

Veterans Day

Friday after Thanksgiving

Martin Luther Day  

Presidents Day

Patriot Day

Indigenous Peoples Day



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New Year's Day

July 4th

Labor Day

Memorial Day


The Black Bear Orono Express (BBOE) follows the University of Maine’s break schedule.  To view specific holiday information for the Black Bear Orono Express, please click here.