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ADA Paratransit 

ADA Policies & Procedures


What is ADA Paratransit and who is eligible?

ADA Paratransit is shared – ride curb to curb transportation service provided by the Community Connector. This service is provided to individuals with disabilities who are unable to use the fixed route system.

The expectation is that most persons with disabilities can and will use the regular fixed route bus system. Please note that all buses are capable of handling 2 passengers in wheelchairs at a time. Our lift and kneeling features also assist with passengers unable to climb the stairs.

Individuals who are interested in using ADA Paratransit Service must apply and be found eligible according to ADA Guidelines. The (FTA) Federal Transit Administration is responsible for setting these guidelines. (CFR 49)

ADA Paratransit is double the fare of the fixed route system. Currently the ADA Paratransit fare is $3.00 each way / $6.00 round trip.

ADA Paratransit service area is ¾ of mile beyond the regular fixed route system.


To Apply, Follow these 3 Steps:

1.  Click here to download a PDF file of the form that you can fill out, sign and mail to the Community Connector at 475 Maine Ave., Bangor, Maine 04401.  Or, the signed form can be faxed to (207) 945-4992.

Call 207-992-4670 or email  to have an application mailed to you. Make sure you to leave your name, address with zip code. One will be mailed to you within 72 hours.

2. When receiving your application back, we will contact you to set up a personal interview in our office. At the interview we will explain the program in more detail and answer any question you may have.

3. You will be notified in writing of our decision of your eligibility.


ADA Paratransit Service for Out of Town Visitors

Out of Town Visitors with a disability that prevents them from using the regular fixed route service, or that are ADA certified by another transit system may use our system for 21 days of service within a 365- day period. After 21 service days, the Community Connector must then certify visitors if they wish to continue. If the individual has no such documentation (of ADA paratransit eligibility), then the individual is to provide documentation of residence outside of the Bangor Area and, if the individual’s disability is not apparent, proof of the disability. Acceptable proof of disability includes a letter from a doctor or the visitor’s statement of inability to use the fixed route system. Community Connector should provide visitor status within 24 hours upon receiving such request.


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