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This position serves as Homeless Outreach Caseworker for the Health and Community Services Department. This position will perform outreach services with adults and families in the Bangor area who are homeless, particularly those individuals and families who are experiencing repeated and long-term homelessness. This position will strive to address the City’s growing homeless population, which is currently outpacing available services, and is responsible for a variety of duties, as outlined below.


  • Perform outreach services with individuals and families who are homeless by traveling to places where service needs are identified (e.g. homeless encampments around Bangor, the Police Department lobby, shelters where no beds are available). This may include work with members of an outreach team, including police officers, Community Services Manager, and other identified parties.

  • Conduct intake interviews to determine assistance eligibility, immediate needs, and link persons with available and appropriate services (e.g. healthcare, case management, mental health treatment, substance use disorder treatment). This will also include follow-up such as: repeated meetings, providing transportation, and accompanying people to appointments.

  • Complete paperwork as required, documenting outreach efforts, intake sessions, and any paperwork needed regarding applicable services.

  • Maintain computer-based database to track client data (i.e. where person who is homeless has come from, why they stay in Bangor, length/frequency of homelessness, past housing challenges, etc.) and ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

  • Work intensely with target population to help them secure housing with their own income sources, voucher program, or via general assistance.

  • Follow clients once housing is secured to ensure positive steps are being taken toward remaining housed and tenant and landlord issues are addressed quickly if they arise.

  • Establish positive working relationships with property owners in the City to build a network of landlords who can assist individuals and families in need of housing.

  • Interface regularly with the Police Department, hospitals, mental health providers, homeless shelters, and other related service providers to ensure continuity of services and avoid duplicative efforts.

  • Communicate effectively in writing and verbally, particularly in situations where persons may be in difficult circumstances and/or resistant to help.

  • Be the City of Bangor Access Point for Maine Continuum of Care Coordinated Entry (CE)

  • Enter all clients into Maine Continuum of Care Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

  • Complete a MCoC Coordinated Entry assessment for all clients enrolled in City of Bangor Homeless Outreach program

  • Complete and submit annual progress report documents to  City of Bangor Rental Assistance Program

  • Attend Case Conferencing meetings to secure housing vouchers for program participants who are ready for housing

  • Perform educational activities or deliver presentations regarding public health impact due to homelessness and service provision.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the Community Services Manager.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.

  • Previous case management experience of a minimum of two years needed. Experience working with issues surrounding homelessness in municipalities is a plus.

  • Working knowledge of applicable regulations and ordinances and the ability to apply such regulations to ensure compliance.

  • Ability to maintain accurate computer-based and paper-based client files.

  • Ability to effectively communicate with co-workers, clients, other service providers, and members of the general public in a professional, tactful and courteous manner, including under stressful situations.

  • Ability to work compassionately with clients who are challenged by homelessness, which can be compounded by severe mental health, physical health complications, and/or substance use disorder issues.


This position performs duties according to accepted practices and department policies and procedures. He/she uses independent judgment in making decisions having direct impact upon specific individuals and/or cases. Work is reviewed for overall soundness in judgment, general technical adequacy, and conformance with practice and policy. Unusual problems or circumstances are discussed with supervisor at the employee’s discretion. Reports directly to the Community Services Manager.


This position will work approximately 50% of the time in a typical office environment and 50% of the time in the field, which will likely be outside in different kinds of weather and include navigation of different types of terrain to visit homeless encampments, which may be in forested or less accessible areas.



Pay range $22.94 to $30.86 per hour (based on a 37.5 hour/week work week). Benefits for this position include health, dental, and vision insurance as well as a retirement plan with employer contribution; group life insurance, and accrued leave time starting at 3 weeks of vacation and 3 weeks of sick leave per year.  


 Applications will be reviewed as received and interviews may be conducted following application review.  A City application is required and available on the City’s website at: .  Resumes and accompanying materials can be submitted during the application process.  Questions can be directed to  Thank you for your interest and time in applying!