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Criminal Investigations Division (Detectives)

The Bangor Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is made up of a Lieutenant, a Sergeant and ten investigators. The Division investigates serious criminal offenses and assists the Patrol Division with investigations that may require additional time or resources. 

Crimes we investigate include but are not limited to; Unattended Deaths, Bank Robberies, Aggravated Assaults, Sexual Assaults, Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Sexual Solicitation of Children, Commercial and Residential Burglaries, Robberies, Arsons, Sex Offender Crimes, Embezzlements, Fraud and Missing Children. CID also assists the different Federal Agencies with events such as dignitary protection and crimes such as money counterfeiting, and illegal immigrants.

In addition to the five General Investigators, there are Detectives assigned specific duties to include two School Resource Officers (SRO) who spend their days in the city schools and investigate juvenile related crimes. A Detective assigned to keeping track of the city’s more than 200 Registered Sex Offenders as well act as Liaison to our Job Corps, Shaw House and Park Woods. A Detective assigned to following up on all the Domestic Assault arrests and a Detective assigned to collecting and managing evidence. Many Detectives are also cross trained in specialized areas to do Polygraph Tests, Forensic Computer Autopsies, Arsons, Fingerprint Identification, Blood Spatter Analysis and Evidence Collection.

Evidence Technician

The Bangor has one officer assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division as an Evidence Technician.  This officer has received extensive training in such fields as evidence collection, fingerprint recovery and identification, and photography.  In addition, several other officers have volunteered to serve on the Evidence Response Team and have received specialized training in handling and processing evidence.

Arson Investigator 

One detective has received specialized training from the National Fire Academy in the investigation of suspicious fires.  The Department works closely with the Bangor Fire Department in such cases.  When arson is suspected, both departments join forces with the Office of the State Fire Marshall to obtain and document all evidence, identify suspects, and charge offenders with appropriate violations.  Arson investigations can be involved and generally require extensive personnel time and other resources.  The Department has an excellent record in these investigations, which have led to the arrest and prosecution of arson suspects.

Domestic Violence Investigator

Recognizing that domestic violence is a crime and that it is a problem in Bangor and throughout the United States, one Detective is assigned as a Domestic Violence Investigator.   Bangor residents living in abusive relationships should immediately call the Bangor Police Department for assistance.  Those living outside of Bangor should contact their local law enforcement agency.

Once the Department is contacted regarding an incident involving domestic violence, officers will investigate it thoroughly and take appropriate action, including arresting the offender if warranted.  Any physical evidence of the violence, such as torn clothes or a broken telephone, should be kept for the police.  Other actions that the responding officers will take include:

  • obtaining medical aid for those requiring or requesting it
  • collecting evidence, including photographs, when necessary
  • interviewing all persons involved
  • explaining the criminal process
  • informing victims about advocacy groups, contact persons, and resources such as Partners for Peace (an organization dedicated to serving people affected by domestic abuse), the Penobscot County Victim/Witness Advocates Office, and the Bangor Police Department’s Domestic Violence Investigator

The Domestic Violence Investigator position is a specialized assignment that is part of a coordinated community response to domestic violence. The investigator is assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division and, when it was created in 1997, was one of the first of its kind in Maine. It is the Domestic Violence Investigator’s responsibility to follow up on incidents involving domestic violence which occur within Bangor.

Domestic Violence Referral Services

Partners for Peace

Bangor – (207) 947-0496

Toll-Free – 1-800-863-9909


Penobscot County District Attorney’s Office

Bangor – (207) 942-8552


Domestic Violence Investigator

Steve Pelletier (207) 947-7382 ext. 5732


National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

TDD – 1-800-787-3224

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