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Mission Statement

The City of Bangor’s Sewer Fund provides a safe and economical means for the conveyance and treatment of residential, commercial, and industrial wastewater, thereby protecting the quality of the surface waters of the City of Bangor, the state of Maine, and beyond. 



Video from the Maine Wastewater Control Association


Wastewater Treatment Plant

The City’s wastewater treatment plant is a state of the art facility that provides both primary and secondary treatment. Expanded in the early 90’s, the plant utilizes the latest in today’s treatment technologies to insure that water discharged to the Penobscot River meets or exceeds all State and Federal requirements.

As wastewater enters the plant, solid and floatable materials are removed. Primary treatment then allows a significant proportion of the solids suspended in the waste stream to settle out and be collected. Once primary treatment is completed, the wastewater receives secondary treatment, which is a biological process. The plant utilizes an activated biotower along with suspended growth to treat the wastewater entering the secondary process. The treated water is then chlorinated to kill bacteria and dechlorinated before being released into the Penobscot River.

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