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7/8/2015 - The First Year of Single Stream Recycling is a Success for Bangor
The numbers are in and it appears the first full year of Zero-Sort recycling in Bangor has been very successful. 690 tons of Zero-Sort material was collected curbside and another 372 tons at the drop of facility here on Maine Avenue for a total of 1063 tons of material recycled in Bangor. The real savings is in a reduction by 412 tons of rubbish hauled to PERC. At a net PERC tipping fee of approximately $68/ton, this resulted in a savings of over $28,000. Combine this with the approximately $125,000 in savings in the cost of the FY 15 Zero-Sort compared to our FY 14 recycling program and recycling in Bangor cost about $153,000 less than it did in FY 14. Please help us further reduce our PERC tipping fees by recycling more. Thank you.