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5/30/2018 - The Penobscot Regional Communications Center to begin answering the City of Bangor’s 911 calls


For Immediate Release
May 30, 2018
Contact: Mark Hathaway, Chief of Police
              (207) 947-5700,

              Chad LaBree, Exectutive Director of the PRCC
              (207) 945-4636,


The Penobscot Regional Communications Center to begin answering the City of Bangor’s 911 calls


Bangor, Maine: Effective today, Wednesday, May 30, 2018, the Penobscot Regional Communications Center (PRCC), located in Bangor, will begin answering 911 calls for the City of Bangor.  The City is retaining its dispatch center at the Bangor Police Department for all other calls.  The City of Bangor has been working with the PRCC on the changeover for several months to ensure a seamless transition and guarantee the highest quality of service for Bangor citizens. 


The transfer of the City’s 911 calls was precipitated last fall when the City was informed of additional protocols when handling 911 calls.  The protocols required the dispatcher to ask a series of questions before dispatching an emergency responder, which increased the length of the call.  The additional time for each phone call would have made it necessary for the City to hire additional dispatchers and could have resulted in diminished service levels, particularly for non-emergency calls.  After careful consideration, the City determined moving 911-call handling to the PRCC would result in higher service levels, by freeing up City dispatchers to handle all non-emergency calls and concentrating the expertise in emergency protocols in one location at the PRCC.  In response to the changeover, the PRCC has increased their staffing to handle the additional call volume.


“A quick and skilled response to those seeking emergency assistance is always our priority,” said Mark Hathaway, the City of Bangor Police Chief.  “PRCC is equipped with the necessary resources to answer the City’s 911 calls.  Our partnership with PRCC will allow for a seamless change while still providing the same level of professional and experienced service callers have received in the past.”


The transition of 911 calls from Bangor Dispatch to the PRCC will happen in two phases.  Beginning on May 30, the PRCC will answer all 911 calls from a landline.  Beginning June 13, the PRCC will answer all cellular 911 calls.




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