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5/8/2019 - City of Bangor Offers Use of Local Store Marketing App (LSMx) Licenses to Bangor-Based Small Businesses

For Immediate Release

May 7, 2019

Contact:               Melissa Fongemie, Community & Economic Development


City of Bangor Offers Use of Local Store Marketing App (LSMx) Licenses to Bangor-Based Small Businesses


BANGOR, MAINE – The City of Bangor recently invested in a powerful new marketing tool, the Local Store Marketing App (LSMx), through its work with Buxton. The LSMx platform helps small businesses find and reach new customers. Through the use of localized consumer data, LSMx identifies a business’ current customer base, finds similar households that are not currently part of that base, and helps craft marketing campaigns targeted directly at them.

Many small businesses operate with extremely limited marketing budgets, which is why the City has chosen to invest in the licensing and subscription fees for this program. Small businesses that use LSMx will only pay for their marketing campaigns, with the final amount fully customizable to suit the budget of a particular business.

With this partnership between LSMx and the City of Bangor, small businesses in Bangor can:

  • Use customer analytics across the retail, restaurant, franchise, healthcare, public sector, and private equity industries to define customer base and find new customers
  • Find local events that drive foot traffic
  • See where specific competitors are in relation to potential customers
  • Design marketing campaigns to potential customers right from a mobile device: Direct Mail, Email, Facebook ads, Google ads, and website ads. Create and execute these all from the app, included help (if needed) with design.
  • Use analytics to track results of a particular campaign

The City of Bangor is offering the use of LSMx licenses to Bangor-based small businesses now. Small businesses are invited to use a license to run a targeted campaign for a few weeks. A limited number of licenses are available. Businesses should email Melissa Fongemie at to express interest in one of the spots for LSMx.

Interested businesses can experience a full demo of the app here: