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3/31/2020 - City of Bangor Issues Emergency Regulations for City Parks and Business Licenses

For Immediate Release

March 31, 2020

Contact:               Richard Cromwell, Assistant City Manager
                             (207) 992-4204


City of Bangor Issues Emergency Regulations for City Parks and Business Licenses

BANGOR, MAINE—Continuing its response to the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the City of Bangor has issued new emergency regulations that pertain to City parks and property, and to business licenses and permits. Both regulations take effect at 6:00 p.m. on March 31, 2020.

The first emergency regulation prohibits the use of outdoor fitness equipment and playground equipment at City parks and outdoor recreation facilities until the termination of the City’s state of emergency. The regulation also prohibits the use of playground equipment at all Bangor School Department playgrounds, as well as City sports facilities.

Read the emergency regulation on Parks and Other City Owned Property – Equipment, Sports Facilities, and Events here.

The second emergency regulation allows for any business license or permit that was valid as of March 16, 2020, to remain valid the duration of City’s state of emergency. Any expired license will have to be renewed after that time. Licenses are still subject to enforcement during the state of emergency. City staff are available to answer your questions about business licenses and permits at 207-992-4220 or

Read the emergency regulation on Business Licenses here.

For more information on the City’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit

For more information on public health in the time of COVID-19, please visit Bangor Public Health and Community Services’ website at

If you need general information on COVID-19, including how it spreads, how it can be prevented, and what the pandemic's status is in the State of Maine, please call 211.

If you are concerned that you have symptoms of COVID-19, please call your healthcare provider or the CDC at 1-800-CDC-INFO.

For non-life threatening situations, you can always call the non-emergency public safety line at 947-7384. All emergencies should call 911.


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