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9/14/2023 - Generator Safety During Hurricane Lee


Hurricane Lee is predicted to affect the New England states this weekend. Power outages are likely due to damaging winds and torrential rains, and it will likely take days to restore power.

Many in the public will choose to use portable generators should their power go out. When the storm passes, they will also use them to power pumps, sump systems, and other means of removing water from premises. Although portable generators are life-saving tools in times of emergency — if used improperly — they can also be deadly. Year after year, people suffer carbon monoxide poisoning due to improper usage of portable generators. Information and preparedness can help prevent tragedy. 

We urge you to consider how vital it is for owners to develop a plan BEFORE they use their portable generator. Would you help us get the word out?

The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association (PGMA) has developed messaging (below) for your use. We urge you to do so. Or simply advise that, according to PGMA, the only safe place to use a portable generator is outside and far from any occupied dwelling. This requires planning for the distance and having the right amount of extension cords to bring power to a dwelling space.

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