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Arctic Brook

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2016 Arctic Brook Watershed-Based Plan

The City of Bangor recently developed a Watershed-Based Management Plan for Arctic Brook. The project was funded in part by a United States Environmental Protection Agency under Section 604(b) of the Clean Water Act

About Arctic Brook:

Arctic Brook is located in the City of Bangor, Maine. The stream begins in a forested wetland above Grandview Avenue. The stream flows south from Grandview Avenue, under the Broadway Shopping Center, under Route 15 (Broadway) and Interstate 95, and into Kenduskeag Stream just below Valley Avenue, a distance of 1.4 miles. The Arctic Brook watershed covers 1.2 square miles (768 acres) consisting of a mix of forest, medium and high-density residential development and commercially developed areas including the Broadway Shopping Center, Bangor High School, a City Recreational Forest (Prentiss Woods), the City Nursery, several churches, and two private schools.

The water quality of Arctic Brook has been assessed by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and determined not to meeting state water quality standards for aquatic life use. The stream was consequently listed on the State's 303(d) list of impaired waters in 2002.

What is in the Watershed-based Plan?

The Watershed-based Plan for Arctic Brook was developed to aid the City in improving the water quality in Arctic Brook. The plan:

  • Provides an overview of the watershed
  • Discusses causes of impairment
  • Identifies environmental stressors
  • Provides management strategies
  • Identifies locations for stormwater treatment retrofits
  • Discusses key changes in behavior which could reduce pollution
  • Provides suggestions for water quality monitoring
  • Provides a plan to implement all of the elements in the watershed-based plan
  • Estimates costs for implementation
  • Provides a plan for measuring success of the plan

Stormwater runoff from the developed areas in the watershed (parking lots, buildings and roads) is likely the largest source of pollution to the Arctic Brook. Stormwater flows quickly off impervious surfaces, carrying pollutants, and sending high volumes of flow to the stream. An Impervious Cover Total Maximum Daily Load (ICTMDL) report was developed for Arctic Brook in 2011 which states the watershed is currently 23% impervious with a target goal of 8% effective impervious cover, a 65% reduction.

The purpose of the plan is to have a detailed, user-friendly watershed-based plan describing effective actions which will improve water quality and aquatic habitat conditions in Arctic Brook. The plan will build upon local support to help address polluted runoff problems in the watershed and provide the City with a road map for restoration.

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