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Marijuana Businesses & Facilities - Frequently Asked Questions

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This is not a comprehensive statement of all marijuana-related ordinances and restrictions in Bangor. If this FAQ conflicts with any Bangor ordinance or state or federal law, that ordinance or law controls.

Are marijuana stores allowed in Bangor?

Yes, in some places and with some restrictions. Medical marijuana stores and recreational marijuana stores are allowed in some commercial districts, with setbacks from other uses such as schools and churches. The accompanying map should give you an idea of where the marijuana stores can locate. 

What about medical marijuana dispensaries?

Under state law, dispensaries are a particular kind of large medical marijuana store. Only a few dispensaries are allowed in Maine. Dispensaries are treated the same as other medical marijuana stores under the Bangor ordinances. 

Can a caregiver have a store?

Yes. Marijuana stores operated by a medical marijuana caregiver are treated the same as other marijuana stores under Bangor's ordinances, and may operate in the same areas under the same restrictions. 

Caregivers may also grow and sell marijuana as a home occupation. They must meet all of the requirements of any other home occupation.

Are drive-thru windows allowed?


What other restrictions are there?

Signage designed to appeal to children is prohibited. No outdoor display of marijuana is allowed. Video cameras are required, and marijuana odors may not reach other properties. More information on these and other restrictions can be found in Chapters 165 and 177 of the Bangor Code of Ordinances

Is growing marijuana allowed?

Marijuana cultivation facilities are allowed in industrial zones, with similar restrictions as marijuana stores. See the accompanying map for more detail.

Marijuana grown for one's own personal use is regulated through the state.

Are any other uses allowed in Bangor?

Manufacturing facilities, where edibles, extracts, and other marijuana products are created, and testing facilities are allowed in industrial zones with similar restrictions as stores and cultivation facilities. See the accompanying map for more information. 

What is Bangor's permitting process for marijuana businesses and facilities?

The City's Code Enforcement Department is a good first place to contact if you are interested in setting up a marijuana facility. The permitting process is similar to that for other businesses, but there are some additional restrictions. Some of these are restrictions regarding marijuana in particular (see above). Others are more general; for instance, for anything involving extraction (e.g. manufacturing), you may need a flammable liquid license. Code Enforcement can assist you in identifying these restrictions.

How can I find more information?

More information can be found in the City of Bangor Code of Ordinances:
  • Home occupations: § 165-22
  • Definitions: § 165-13
  • Commercial districts: § 165-92, 165-101, 165-102
  • Industrial districts: §§ 165-96, 165-103; 165-103.1 (testing facilities only)
  • Security and oversight requirements: Chapter 177


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