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Main Street Utility Upgrade 2019 Project

Anticipated Water Work for Week of 8/25/19

Monday, a Buckeye rep will be on site to watch a pothole/test pit to locate their line. Tuesday, crews plan to cross the gas line with pipe and stop just past the line. Beginning Wednesday, the second crew will be starting back at Thatcher Street and will work towards the other crew from Dillingham Street. Traffic will be limited to one lane this week with flaggers at multiple locations to keep waiting in traffic to a minimum.

Anticipated Sewer Work for Week of 8/25/19

Eastwood Contractors have completed the following sewer work on Main Street during the month of August:

  • Laid 481 linear feet of 15" sewer
  • Built 30.85 vertical feet of sewer manhole
  • Laid 356 linear feet of 12" storm drain
  • Placed 280 cubic yards of roadway concrete

With the sewer mainline now complete, Eastwood will proceed with sewer lateral work. They expect to finish sewer work during the second week of September.

Week of 8/18/19

Eastwood Contractors has begun flushing the first section of water main and started to pressure-test. This week they were able to install about 140-160' of main per day. They were able to install water main in front of the Bangor Parks & Rec building up to and possibly through Dillingham Street. They also started on the Hampden side of Thatcher Street with a second crew installing mainline up to 25' on this side of the the Buckeye gas line.

Week of 7/15/19

Eastwood Construction has laid 117' of 15" PVC sewer on Main Street between the Farm Road and Dillingham Street. They have removed approximately 100 cubic yards of ledge rock using a 12,000 pound hydraulic hammer attached to a Doosan 490 excavator. Removal of this rock from the sewer trench has slowed the pipe-laying process.

Week of 6/16/19

Anticipated work: start backup at Sta. 5+45 and continue laying 16" water main towards Farm Road. Traffic will still be limited to one lane on the construction side of Main Street between Bass Park Boulevard and I-395 on-ramps.

Week of 6/9/19

Eastwood Contractors began cutting trench from Sta. 36+00 (Bass Park Boulevard) to Sta. 23+00 (Farm Road). They were able to start laying new 16" zinc-coated D.I. water main starting from Sta. 36+00 and ending around Sta. 35+45 up to a duct bank crossing. Friday, 6/14/19, is a concert day so the road will be opened by 2:00pm.

Project Overview

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The City of Bangor and the Bangor Water District recently awarded Eastwood Contractors, Inc. of Brewer, Maine the $2.7M contract for the Main Street Utility Upgrade Project. Eastwood will be constructing a new water main, hydrants, and all appurtenances, as well as new sewer main, new underdrain, new catch basins and sanitary manholes, and service laterals along with roadway trench patching and sidewalk repairs along approximately 3,600' on Main Street. The project area extends from Bass Park Boulevard to the town line between Hampden and Bangor.

During water main construction, certain portions of existing mainlines are shut down as work progresses to allow the new main to be tied into the distribution system. When a water service interruption will be necessary to complete the work, impacted building owners will be notified at least 48 hours in advance - either by telephone or with a notice hung on the building's front door. Water outages typically last between four and six hours, unless unforeseen circumstances arise. If there are extraordinary circumstances related to a building such that an outage of four to six hours or longer would cause an unmanageable hardship, please contact the District Engineer for the Bangor Water District at (207) 947-4516 x217. Project neighbors may notice discoloration in their water following water service interruptions. This is normal and should clear after running water in the building for 20 minutes. Should you require any assistance, please contact the Bangor Water District.

The construction is scheduled to begin in June 2019 and continue through November 2019. Shifts in normal traffic patterns will occur periodically to accommodate the work. In some cases, work will take place during nighttime hours to minimize impacts. The City of Bangor and Bangor Water District will provide weekly construction updates and traffic alerts. Check this page for regular updates. If you would like to receive weekly emails about this project, you may sign up for those here.


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