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Animal Control

Each municipality is required to appoint an Animal Control Officer to enforce local and state laws. Every ACO is required to received proper training and be state certified. Although the ACO's duties are limited to domesticated animals, the officer can usually direct residents to trained personnel to deal with situations involving squirrels, reptiles, rodents, skunks, bees, etc.

Current state law requires that all dogs over the age of six months be licensed. All licenses expire on December 31st. Not only does this program help to ensure that animals are receiving proper immunizations, it also helps to fund state-wide animal abuse enforcement. Click here for more animal welfare laws, including licensing laws.

In Bangor, dogs that are found running at-large will be impounded at the Humane Society. To retrieve your dog after impoundment, call the Humane Society. Also, the number of dogs is limited to three per household within the City of Bangor. Click here for additional local laws.

Remember, animals are members of our community too. Help your pet be a good citizen by:

  • following state and local laws
  • training your pet for good behavior
  • securing or controlling your pet at home and in public
  • recognizing that not everyone likes animals, and some actually fear them
  • providing animals with ID through tags, microchips, or tattoos
  • preventing nuisance barking
  • bagging and disposing of waste, both on your property and that of others
  • respecting the rights of your neighbors
  • setting an example, and urging all pet owners to be responsible.

Please spay and neuter your pets. The City of Bangor Animal Control Officer urges owners to help eliminate the number of unwanted animals born every year. Please do your part to help control the animal population.

Animal Control Officer Trisha Bruen can be reached at  or at (207)947-7384 ext 5799 

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