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The City of Bangor understands that during wet weather residents may experience water in their basements. Sometimes the source of this water can be from rising groundwater, rain or meltwater, surface water, or even high flowing streams. Other times a back-up in either the private portion of the sewer or the public sewer serving the street may be at fault. Residents are reminded that water in basements may contain hidden health hazards, including raw sewage. Please do not expose yourself to this water.

In the event that water is in your basement from an unknown source that your sump pump cannot remove, please call Bangor Public Works, available 24/7, at 992-4500. The dispatcher will contact the appropriate on-call personnel who will get in touch with you. Please leave your name, address, and contact information. A City representative may come to the property and assess the issue.

If the source of the water is determined to be groundwater, rain or melt water, surface water, or rising stream flow, the property owner is responsible to contact a certified plumber or other service provider to remove the water. The city cannot, due to liability concerns, remove such water.

If the source of the water is sewage, and the cause of the back-up is found to be in a privately-owned portion of the sewer line, it is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the water, and clear the line. A certified plumber or other services provide can remove the water and make necessary repairs.

Lastly, if the source of the water is sewage back-up caused by a problem in the public sewer, the City representative will immediately make arrangements to remove the water from your basement, and clear the stoppage in the public sewer.

In case of basement flooding, please call: