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Election Worker Application

If you are a registered voter and you are interested in becoming an election worker for the City of Bangor, please take a moment to complete this application. Once you complete the application, a staff member from the City Clerk's office will get back to you as soon as possible.

The City is seeking election workers for the upcoming two-year cycle, and is particularly in need of workers enrolled in the Republican party.

If you would rather complete a paper application, download one here and then email it directly to Lisa Goodwin, Bangor City Clerk, at

We want to ensure that we place you in a position that is most beneficial and will utilize your skills and abilities. Please list any skills you feel would be helpful to us, i.e. computer, telephone, etc. Also list any limitations we should be aware of for job placement, i.e. hearing loss, difficulty standing or sitting for long periods of time, eyesight, etc. Please list these other skills below.