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During the annual priority setting sessions, the City Council discussed and indicated support for designating housing as the priority for the 2023-2024 council year, as housing impacts every aspect of our community.

City Council's Priority for the 2023-2024 Council Year


» Dwelling units completed

FY2024 units by quarter:

1st QTR

7/1/23 - 9/30/23

2nd QTR

10/1/23 - 12/31/23

3rd QTR

1/1/24 - 3/31/24

4th QTR

4/1/24 - 6/30/24

30 29 8

FY2023 (7/1/22 - 6/30/23): 85


» Approved units pending completion: 367

Location # of Units  Type  Status 
Milford St. Ext. 40  Affordable Senior Housing  Start 6/24 
Larkin St.  *Market Rate  Under construction
Lancaster Ave.  60  *Market Rate  Under construction
Broadway  60 *Market Rate  Under construction
Fruit St.  *Market Rate  Not yet started 
Ohio St.  44  *Market Rate  Under construction 
Cleveland St.  41  Permanent Supportive Housing  Start 5/24 
Hammond St.  16  Tiny Home Park  Under construction 
Milford St. Ext.  40  Affordable Family Housing  Start 3/25
Sunset Ave.  50  Affordable Senior Housing  Estimated start 5/24 

*Market-rate housing refers to non-subsidized properties that are rented or owned by those who pay market-rate rents or who paid market value to purchase the property. Unlike subsidized affordable housing, market-rate housing does not confer special government benefits.


» Financial Support

Utilizing our Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to invest in housing.

FY2024 (7/1/23 - 6/30/24):

1st Quarter

Affordable Housing (ARPA) - $3,915,000


2nd Quarter

Affordable Housing (CDBG) - $95,000

Infrastructure for Housing - $90,000

Heat pump and weatherization rebates - $99,000

Down payment & closing cost assistance - $10,000


3rd Quarter

Affordable Housing (CDBG) - $578,723

Down payment & closing cost assistance - $62,776


FY2023 (7/1/22 - 6/30/23): $1,750,925

Down payment & closing cost assistance - $89,933

Heat pump and weatherization rebates - $161,891

Residential Rehabilitation - $363,001

Affordable Housing (ARPA) - $936,100

Affordable Housing (CDBG) - $200,000


» Reducing Regulatory Barriers


○ Reduce Restrictions on Setbacks and Dimensional Requirements for Accessory Dwelling Units

○ Creating Regulations and Allowances for Co-Living Dormitories

Reduce Off-Street Parking Minimums for Residential Dwellings

Rezoning of Property on Grandview Ave. from Park & Open Space to Multifamily & Service District



○ Tenants’ Rights policy
Allowing permanent supportive housing in additional zones
○ Allowed multi-family and mixed commercial residential in 2 major commercial zones
○ Revised mobile/manufactured home park language to comply with State law, allowing more flexibility for expansion/new park creation
○ Enacted zone changes to comply with LD 2003, allowing for more dwelling units in residential zones



○ Reduced parking requirements
○ Allowed for tiny home parks
○ Allowed boardinghouses
○ Allowed greater flexibility on non-conforming properties

Allowed for permanent supportive housing



○ Reduced lot sizes and setbacks in some residential zones



○ Accessory Dwelling Units allowance enacted (ADU)


» Current Projects

• Grandview Ave Housing Development Project rezoned to Multifamily & Service District (M&SD) – approved by City Council on 3/25/2024
Public Charette meeting – date pending

Short-term rental regulations - Starting May 2024
• Bangor Housing Study Bid - Council approved contract to HR&A on 1/8/24
o Housing Needs Assessment
o Update to 2019 housing study
o Encourage ADU’s
o Evaluate other possible barriers to housing
o Evaluate potential development scenarios
o Identify gaps and resources for achieving housing goals
• Pre-approved building plan bid - Staff is reviewing proposals
• Rental Registry (Licensure) Program, for long-term rentals - Starting May 2024
• Sprinkler systems and heat pumps for multi-family
• Evaluate city properties for reuse - Update on 2/5/24 B&ED meeting

• Reducing setback/dimensional restrictions for ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units) – reviewed on 4/2/2024 Planning Board meeting and reviewed by City Council 4/8/2024

• Increasing height allowance for certain districts to facilitate adding dwelling units – reviewed on 4/2/2024 Planning Board meeting and reviewed by B&ED May 2024


» Additional Resources

Maine State Housing Authority

Bangor Housing Study


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