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Main Street Safety Improvements

Background & Timeline

Construction has started on the City of Bangor’s Main Street Safety Improvement Project. The project begins immediately south of Dutton Street and continues northerly to Cedar Street for a total length of approximately 3,850 feet. This project includes the construction of median islands to provide left turn channelization along Main Street as well as lighting improvements, crosswalk improvements , and the construction of a 10 foot wide multi use sidewalk along the east side (riverside) of Main Street.

Currently, the Contractor (Maine Earth) is constructing the median islands along Main Street. These islands include 6” sloped granite curb and will provide areas for planting trees and street lighting. A new crosswalk is also being provided between Larkin Street and Sidney Street with a median island providing pedestrian refuge to increase safety for pedestrians wishing to cross Main Street. This new crosswalk will have a pedestrian activated flasher system to make motorists better aware of pedestrians within the crosswalk. The work on the median islands is expected to be completed this fall.

Following the median island work, Maine Earth will complete some minor curb and sidewalk improvements along the west side of Main Street. These improvements are expected to be constructed during the late fall of 2014 or early spring of 2015.

During the spring and early summer of 2015, Maine Earth will complete the 10 foot wide multi use sidewalk along the east side of Main Street. These improvements will include granite curb and drainage improvements, landscaping, and sidewalk lighting.

Immediately following the completion of the Main Street Safety Improvement Project, the City of Bangor will have Main Street resurfaced to eliminate all of the construction joints that have resulted from the multiple infrastructure projects that have been completed on Main Street during the 2014 and previous construction seasons.


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