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Tenants’ Housing Rights Ordinance

City Council Approval February 27, 2023

Effective March 9, 2023

This Ordinance was drafted and edited at multiple public meetings before being finalized and approved by the City Council. The purpose of the ordinance is to address housing insecurity in the City of Bangor; to minimize the potential adverse impacts of un-noticed or short-noticed rent increases; to educate at-will tenants of their rights; and to help bring about, through fair, orderly procedures, the opportunity of each person within the City of Bangor without regard to, among other things, receipt of public benefits, to rent, enjoy and retain secure housing.

Ordinance Highlights:

1. 60 day written notice required for rent increase
2. Rental application fees prohibited
3. Defined screening fees for successful applicants only
4. Landlords provided Tenant/Landlord Rights & Responsibilities plain language document required at time of rental and again when updated. Click here for document.


Questions? Please contact City of Bangor Code Enforcement at 207-992-4230 or by emailing


Supplemental Documentation:

Click here to view Ordinance

Click here for Plain Language Document – Tenant/Landlord Rights & Responsibilities.

Click here for complaint form - (Fillable PDF)

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Created 3.7.23