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Climate Action Plan

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At the urging of local students, the Bangor City Council made a commitment to address Climate Change in early 2021. The Council approved a Resolve to that effect and the City sought to develop a regional approach to the matter that would benefit our area as a whole. We began by inviting neighboring communities and others to join us in our efforts.

As a result, the City of Bangor worked closely with, and under the umbrella of, BACTS (Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System), along with the Town of Orono and the University of Maine, to embark on a regional climate action planning effort.

The effort was broken in two phases: Phase 1 included a greenhouse gas emission inventory and climate vulnerability assessment, and Phase 2 was proposed actions to achieve climate goals and carbon neutrality, along with strategies to implement those actions. A large part of Phase 2 included considerable public participation.

The Council's Government Operations Committee reviewed and recommended the plan for approval on April 1, 2024, and the full Council then adopted the plan on April 22, 2024. 


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