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Section 2: Ownership and Title of Lots

2.1 The term "Lot Owner" or "Ownership" shall be construed to mean the rights to use a lot or part of a lot, as purchased from the City for a consideration for burial purposes only, and under the rules and regulations as prescribed by the City for such use.

2.2 Upon full payment of the purchase price of a lot, the City will issue a Cemetery deed under its seal, and the deed will be recorded in the records of the City as evidence of ownership of the lot.

2.3 All burial rights in cemetery lots purchased from the City occupy the same position as real estate at the death of the owner. Only such persons as names appear on the Cemetery records of the City will be recognized as owners or part owners of lots. In case of the death of a lot owner, when the Cemetery lot is disposed of, by will, a certified copy of the will shall be delivered to the Cemetery Superintendent before the City will recognize the change in ownership. If the deceased lot owner left no will, a certified copy of the proof or heirship made in the District Court must be presented to the Cemetery Superintendent. Lot owners, in making their wills, should include the cemetery lot and will it to one person.

2.4 The title to a cemetery lot invests in the owner the right to use such lot for burial purposes only, for themselves, their heirs, or for any such persons as they may choose to admit, provided such admission is free of charge and without compensation and in accordance with the Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

2.5 The lot owner cannot resell or transfer their lots to any person or persons whomsoever, without written notification to the Cemetery Superintendent. However, such unused portions of the lot as the owner may desire to dispose of may be listed for sale with the Cemetery Superintendent. The City, however, assumes no obligations for making a satisfactory sale of such lots or portions of lots.

2.6 Lots will be of such size as to accommodate two graves. The cost of said lots will be as specified herein.

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