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Scheduling of burials/interments should ONLY be done with the Cemetery Sexton by calling 207-992-4509. If, after you speak with the Sexton you need a written confirmation of the appointment, we will send you one. Please do not attempt to schedule a burial/interment via e-mail or through any of the City's digital platforms. 

There are four municipal cemeteries located in Bangor.
Pine Grove, Oak Grove, Maple Grove, and a portion of Mt. Hope cemeteries are maintained and managed by the Bangor Public Works Department.

Pine Grove Cemetery, located on Hammond Street Extension, is the largest of the three cemeteries that city crews maintain. The northern section of the cemetery, often referred to as the Old Section, was established during the 1800s and, as time passed, newer sections were constructed. Pine Grove Cemetery consists of 13 acres of well-maintained lawns that serve as cemetery lots. Blue Spruce, Silver Maples, and Crimson King trees have been planted in specific locations throughout the cemetery and add to its overall beauty. An abundance of two-grave lots are available for sale in the northeast corner of Pine Grove.

Oak Grove Cemetery is located on the Finson Road. This cemetery has a unique design. The terrain varies from flat land that borders the Finson Road to a gradually rising hill that overlooks the Kenduskeag Stream. Oak Grove Cemetery was also constructed during the 1800s with roads originally designed for horse and carriage. Oak and Maple trees border this cemetery, and a mausoleum belonging to the Merrill family is positioned towards its rear. The view from the rear of the cemetery is spectacular during peak foliage. The view as you look towards the east reveals the Kenduskeag Stream and colorful woodlands.

Maple Grove Cemetery is the smallest of the three City maintained cemeteries. Maple Grove, located at the intersection of the Pushaw and Church Roads, is a four-acre site that was also developed during the 1800s. This picturesque cemetery is a combination of flat lands and rounded hills. Silver Maple trees border the eastern portion of the cemetery, and an old fashioned New England church is located directly in front of it.

The City Section of Mt. Hope is located on the north side of Mt. Hope Avenue and also includes a portion of land south of Mt. Hope within the Mt. Hope Cemetery fence. This 30-acre site began to take form in 1834, the same year that Bangor was incorporated. Development continued during the Roosevelt Administration under the Works Progress Administration. Today, this section of Mt. Hope Cemetery consists of approximately 4,000 lots.

The municipal cemeteries are a source of pride for those who maintain them and the citizens of Bangor who have relatives buried in these peaceful resting places. Public Works crews are available to bury people during every month of the year and to answer questions regarding the purchase of lots, genealogy, or rules and regulations.

For more information, please call Bangor Public Works at 992-4500.

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