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Section 3: Care of Lots

3.1 All cemetery lots in the Bangor Municipal Cemeteries may be provided with perpetual or endowed care. Council Order No. 80K makes these rules and regulations effective and provides that all-future lot sales shall be made with perpetual or endowed care at the rates as herein specified. Owners of lots or other interested persons may secure perpetual or endowed care of the lots in the older portions of the cemeteries at the rates specified herein.

3.2 The term "Perpetual or Endowed Care" shall be construed to mean the obligation which the City assumes to expend each year the net annual income on the "Perpetual or Endowed Care" endowment set aside for the lot in furnishing such care for the lot as mowing grass and raking and cleaning lots. It is understood that such expenditures shall be made at the discretion and under the direction of the officer of the City in charge of the Cemetery and that the City shall not be bound to make any separate investment of the sum of money set aside as the perpetual or endowed care, but that the same be added to the perpetual or endowed care fund of the city and that proceeds there from used by the City in a manner as heretofore provided. Nothing herein shall be construed as modifying any existing contracts as to perpetual or endowed care.

3.3 An "Annual Care" charge as provided herein may be made by the City on those lots in the older portions of the Cemeteries which are not at present under perpetual or endowed care. The City reserves the right to refuse to furnish services to those lots not under perpetual or endowed care or when the annual care charge has not been paid in advance.

3.4 "Annual Care" includes the regular mowing of the lot, trimming around monuments and markers, fertilizing when necessary, pruning trees and shrubs, except hedges. Charges for annual care are $35.00 per lot and are payable annually, in advance.

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