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Section 3.5: Upcoming Work

The past years have been a very busy time in the city cemeteries. The security fence and gate project at Maple Grove has been completed. We are pleased to announce that the installation of sven hundred and ninety feet of new fence that has been installed on the north side of Pine Grove cemetery. The summer project for the 2002 season will be to install an additional five hundred and ten feet of new fence and gates across the front of Pine Grove. We believe that this will enhance the tranquil looks and add to the overall security of the cemetery. Removal and replacement of a number of culverts at Pine Grove will also take place this summer. This will improve the water run off that occurs after a rain event and during the snow melt in early spring. Our patrons can be assured that we are striving to make your cemeteries a serene and peaceful palce to visit your loved ones.

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