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Section 4: Privileges & Restrictions

4.1 Each lot in the cemetery will, prior to its sale, be suitably marked by the City with an iron or concrete post, placed on each lot corner and set level with the adjacent ground.

4.2 No mounds shall be raised upon any grave above the general level of the lot. Mounds are difficult to maintain, as the sod grows in an unnatural position and is easily injured by heat, drought, and frost. The City reserves the right at any time to remove unsightly mounds and to resod the grave at the general level of the lot.

4.3 No hedges, fences or enclosures of any kind will be permitted on or around lots. Window boxes, tubs, urns and other similar containers kill the grass and should not be used and will not be allowed after June 15, at which time they will be removed without notice.

4.4 Artificial decorations will be allowed only from November 1 to June 15 annually.

4.5 Fresh flowers in vases or baskets are allowed anytime as are plants in beds adjacent to monuments.

4.6 All general maintenance and all work on lots paid for by perpetual care or annual care payments will be done by the City, but it is desired that each lot owner feel free to consult with the Superintendent in charge of the cemeteries at all times. His advice and assistance will be cheerfully given (without charge) and may be of much value to those contemplating the purchase of monumental work or of making lot improvements.

4.7 The Cemeteries reserve the right for its workmen and those persons necessary to the performance of normal cemetery operation to enter upon or cross over any lot in the cemeteries in the performance of such duties.

4.8 The Cemeteries or their employees assume no liability for damage, actual or mental anguish, in the performance of their normal operations, or loss by vandalism or other acts beyond reasonable control.

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