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Section 6: Interments

6.1 All interments in lots shall be restricted to members of the family. If there is any doubt regarding the relationship of the deceased to the family who owns the lot, a copy of the deed will be reviewed by the Cemetery Superintendent before the grave is opened. The Cemetery Superintendent may request a meeting with family members if there are any questions pertaining to ownership or placement of the deceased on the lot.

6.2 All graves shall be dug by the City under the direction of the Superintendent.

6.3 A charge for opening and closing a grave and the sodding and seeding of the mound will be made as provided herein. The fee for opening the grave may be collected from the family prior to the grave opening or from the funeral director on the day of the interment.

6.4 Funeral directors must present a burial permit to the Cemetery Superintendent on the day of interment.

6.5 The lot owner or funeral director shall designate the location of the grave on the lot to the Superintendent and any change of location made after the opening of the grave has begun shall be at the expense of the lot owner. The Cemetery Superintendent shall be given twenty-four hours notice in summer and thirty-six hours notice in winter(from November 1st to May 1st for the opening and preparation of the grave prior to the interment.

6.6 An additional charge as provided herein shall be made for a service on Saturday, Sunday or legal holidays.

6.7 The interments of two bodies in one single grave space will not be allowed, except in case of parent mother and infant, or twin children or two cremated remains, or two children buried at the same time. In the event that a husband or wife is buried in a vault and the surviving spouse desires to be cremated, the cremated remains of the surviving husband or wife will be allowed to be placed in the same burial plot. No interment of any body other than that of a human being will be permitted.

6.8 In all interments the casket shall be enclosed in a permanent outside container. The following are considered permanent outside containers: concrete boxes, concrete, copper or steel burial vaults, and sectional concrete crypts.

6.9 As soon as flowers, wreaths, emblems, etc. used at funerals, or placed on graves at other times, become unsightly and faded, they will be removed and no responsibility for their protection or maintenance is assumed.

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