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Section 8: Stone & Monumental Work

8.1 All stone and monumental work shall be subject to the following regulations and requirements.

8.2 All memorial foundations shall be placed on solid ground not included in actual grave space, except where grave liner is of permanent type and sufficient strength to support weight of foundation and memorial.

8.3 Each monument or grave marker 12"x24" or over, or one foot(1') high or over, shall rest on a concrete foundation. On any lot sold after the adoption of these rules and regulations, each monument or grave marker 10"x20" or over, or one foot high or over shall rest on a concrete foundation. Large monuments or those monuments requiring special foundation design shall be specifically approved by the Cemetery Superintendent and the City Engineer before construction. Plans and specifications for such monuments should be submitted to the Cemetery Superintendent and the City Engineer for approval.

8.4 The foundation for grave markers and monuments will, in general be carried to a depth of not less than five (5) feet below the ground level. For large monuments, the City reserves the right to require the construction of a foundation of such size and design as will provide ample insurance against possible settlement or injury to the stone work. The top of the concrete foundation will be constructed approximately two (2) inches below the grade level.

8.5 The setting of monuments, stones and markers and the transportation of all tools. Materials, etc., within the Cemetery grounds shall be subject to the supervision and control of the Superintendent. Heavy teaming or trucking will not be permitted within the Cemeteries when in the opinion of the Superintendent such work might cause injury to the driveways.

8.6 Stone or monumental work will not be permitted on a lot until the lot is fully paid for, and the City reserves the right to refuse permission to erect any monumental work not in keeping with the good appearance of the grounds.

8.7 Stone work or monumental work once placed on its foundation shall not be removed, except by permission of the Superintendent of the Cemeteries.

8.8 Markers shall be placed at the head of a grave as platted. No markers shall be placed nearer than 4 inches to a lot line. No more than one marker shall be placed at any one grave. No marker shall embrace two or more graves unless all graves are on the same lot owned by one person. No marker shall be set unless it meets with these regulations, and the grave space is paid for in full.

8.9 Certain designated portions or the older parts of the Cemeteries have restricted monument privileges, which permit the erection of monuments or grave markers of any selected size and design. Lots in the newer sections of the Cemeteries are restricted to flush markers.

8.10 Flush Markers: In sections designated as flush marker sections, all markers shall be set so that the top is flush with the ground. Flush markers or horizontal monuments on lots in those sections may not exceed seven(7%) of the lot area. All flush markers must be made of granite and shall be set on adequate concrete foundations.

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