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Section 9: Vaults & Mausoleums

9.1 Vaults and mausoleums may be placed only on such lots as may be set aside or designated by the City for such structures. All applications for permits to erect such structures shall be made in writing to the City Manager. Complete plans and specifications of the proposed construction, including details of materials, workmanship, method of construction, etc., shall accompany such application and the approval of the City Manager shall be obtained thereon before any construction work is begun. The right is reserved to prohibit the erection of any structure that is not considered safe, suitable, or desirable.

9.2 Before any vault or mausoleum may be erected the lot owner will be required to deposit in the Perpetual Care Fund of the City such amounts as the City may deem necessary as a trust, the income from which is to be used in the perpetual care and maintenance of the structure and the ground. Such amounts in no cases shall be less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the structure.

9.3 Duplicate keys for mausoleums shall be left in care of the Superintendent of Cemeteries.

9.4 Vaults or mausoleums will not be permitted on lots containing less than (1,000) square feet and the portion of the lot occupied by the building shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the lot. The position of the building on the lot shall be as determined by the City but in no case will permission be given to set the building nearer to the lot line than ten (10) feet.

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