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Section 10: Trees, Shrubs & Flowers

10.1 All general maintenance in the Cemeteries will normally be done by the City but lot owners may feel free at any time to consult with the Superintendent regarding matters pertaining to permissible plantings or the general care and upkeep of lots.

10.2 No person will be permitted to trim, prune or remove branches from any tree of ornamental shrub in the Cemeteries except on his own lot. All work of pruning or trimming trees and shrubs shall be done by the Superintendent or under his directions. Upon request, the Superintendent will do any pruning needed without charge.
Permission to plant trees or shrubs on lots shall in all cases be obtained from the Superintendent and the City reserves the right to remove any tree, shrub, or vine, or any part thereof which may have become unsightly, dangerous, or not in keeping with the landscape design. Many plants, especially vines, interfere with the proper care of the lots and graves and injure grass. Such plants will be removed when found interfering with the adjacent lots.

10.3 Individual lot plantings may not exceed (5%) five percent of the total lot area and must be placed adjacent to the monument.

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